Polygon™ LT helps tackle smaller-scale fusions


Meet the Polygon LT, the latest in McElroy’s manual fusion lineup.

The Polygon LT is based on the design platform and operation of the Polygon, McElroy’s DataLogger® compatible manual butt fusion machine. The Polygon allows operators the flexibility to complete butt and miter fusions from zero- to 45-degree angles and has the additional capability to perform socket fusions. This three-in-one machine’s simple design and light weight make it the ideal prefabrication tool on polypropylene pipe jobsites.

Announced at InFusion22, the Polygon LT addresses the needs of some smaller polypropylene fusion operations that require faster open and close times than their larger counterparts while also fusing under low force fusion control.

Key Points:

  • Sized for butt fusion for 20mm to 110mm pipe;
  • Capable of up to 250 psi fusion pressure;
  • DataLogger compatible;
  • Compact design with new, smaller case for complete package allowing for easier transport and shipping;
  • Smaller heater and facer are sized appropriately for required pipe sizes, reducing weight of overall package;
  • Includes new mounting system for jaws and the ability to change to thin jaws for special fittings;
  • Drive mechanism includes new internal spring and shaft brake, providing fine control of low fusion pressure and the ability to lock it in place.

The Polygon LT includes shortened parts to make it as compact as possible, with the ability to butt fuse pipe ranging from 20mm to 110mm. Like the traditional Polygon, the Polygon LT is fully DataLogger compatible, allowing operators to log each joint and share data through the Vault.

The Polygon LT is capable of fusion pressures up to 250 PSI on all pipe sizes within its operating range. A new drive screw allows for multiple inches of travel time per drive wheel rotation, providing the ability to meet faster open and close times as needed. This drive mechanism also includes a new internal spring and shaft brake, giving operators precise control of low fusion pressures, with the ability to lock in place.

A smaller facer and heater allows for facing the smallest pipe sizes, and a new mounting system for the jaws allows operators to change to thin jaws for special fittings.

See how the Polygon LT compares to its larger cousin in the chart below.

The Polygon LT will be available in the first quarter of 2023.