Leverage the power of McElroy productivity packages

McElroy offers customers productivity packages that bring even more value to any project where time, efficiency and cost-savings are the key to its success. Productivity packages are available for both the Pit Bull® 14 and 26 machines.

The packages combine the machine, manual machine stand and two PolyPorters® at a significant cost savings. These labor-saving tools expedite the fusion process to help produce long runs of fused pipe each day.

The manual machine stand expands to a comfortable height so that operators can fuse pipe with less fatigue. It folds for easy storage and has wheels for transporting.

Using a pipeline contractor’s perspective the PolyPorter combines the mechanical advantage of a dolly with the functionality of a pipe stand to create one of the most useful pipeline tools. One person can easily load a length of pipe up to 8” DIPS without strain. The pipe can then be pushed easily through the roller-equipped hook arm into the fusion machine. The jack enables the operator to raise and lower the PolyPorter to level the pipe in uneven terrain to the height of the machine.

These two labor saving devices are combined with a manual fusion machine to provide the customer with a convenient, cost effective package.