McElroy University offers 100% virtual Fusion Inspector Qualification Course

McElroy University’s Fusion Inspector Qualification course provides training that’s key to ensuring a safe and successful fusion operation.

This 14-hour virtual course provides students with the information and knowledge necessary to help ensure that a fusion jobsite is operating at peak efficiency, that operators are following best practices, and that fusion standards and other such policies are properly implemented.  Regardless of whether an inspector is an on-site member of the contracting team or from a third-party company, having a properly trained and qualified inspector can be an important component of jobsite success. 

In 2020, McElroy University’s Fusion Inspector Qualification course transitioned to a fully online model. This class provides valuable information that’s key to ensuring a safe and successful fusion operation.

The class itself has been a popular staple of McElroy University’s in-person course offerings, but recently transitioned into a 100% online, self-paced model. This allows students to complete coursework at their own pace and eliminates the need to travel.

“As with any of our courses, our training evolves, just like our products evolve,” said McElroy University Manager Paul Brodsky. “In addition to moving the course fully online, we created a lot of new and expanded content that goes into more depth on topics that are important to understand in order to be an effective inspector.”

This updated and expanded content includes in-depth education on topics like hydrostatic testing and pneumatic testing, both of which are common jobsite requirements used to ensure quality in the field. It also covers subjects like reading DataLogger® reports and methods for conducting destructive joint testing with tools such as McElroy’s In Field® Tensile Tester and Guided Side Bend Tester.

“This class is an especially unique offering,” said McElroy University Manager Paul Brodsky, noting that, while McElroy University instructors already provide the gold standard in fusion operations training, this class provides students with a more in-depth and complete understanding about fusion standards, the pipe fusion process, and quality assurance tools. 

“A good inspector can be a valuable resource on the jobsite,” Brodsky said. “By helping to ensure that best practices are utilized and proper procedures are followed, potential problems can be identified early and corrected thus saving valuable time and money.”

McElroy University’s Inspector Qualification lasts for two years, after which inspectors will need to re-qualify, Brodsky said. While McElroy’s Butt Fusion Operator Qualification courses aren’t required to successfully take the inspector course, it’s highly recommended.

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