Spotlight on accessories – Heater Caddy

McElroy offers a variety of accessories to complement our extensive machine line. They are designed to help fusion operators and make their work a lot easier and more conducive to a productive and efficient jobsite.

The heater caddy for medium-diameter TracStar® machines is a great example. It allows operators to use the machine to carry the heater with the stand from joint to joint. This eliminates manually carrying the heater and it gives operators more convenient access to the heater when needed. It’s also handy to have it onboard the machine when the terrain is uneven and it clears the worksite with fewer cords on the ground to watch out for.

Installation of the heater caddy is a simple process. A retractable plunger is placed through the threaded hole on the front left corner of the chassis and the heater caddy slides right into the receiver socket. The heater bag frame hooks over the caddy and locks securely over the machine.

There is also a heater caddy retrofit kit for TracStars built prior to September of 2010. This involves welding a receiver socket to the chassis.

A list of accessories and replacement parts can be found towards the bottom of all our product pages. Contact your McElroy distributor for more specific information.