Tech Tip: How to change language settings on a DataLogger®

The DataLogger® is one of the most powerful tools a contractor can have on their jobsite. By recording data before, during, and after the fusion process, it increases accountability and traceability, while also giving engineers, project managers, and owners the peace of mind that comes with knowing their fusions were performed correctly.

McElroy offers three language options for DataLoggers: English, Spanish, and Russian. Swapping to another language preference is as easy as a few taps on the DataLogger screen.

From the main DataLogger screen, tap Settings in the lower right corner. After the settings menu, tap Preferences in the upper left. Language settings are the first option on the following screen.

Rafael Quintero, McElroy’s International Sales and Marketing Manager, walks us through the process in this short video:

At McElroy, we’re constantly striving to best suit our customers’ needs. Do you need additional language accessibility? Email [email protected].