Two power options available with the Acrobat™ for polyethylene pipe

Among the many benefits in the Acrobat line for polyethylene pipe are the versatile power options. The Acrobat is compatible with two impressive hydraulic power units designed to meet the maximum system pressure desired on your jobsite. Options include the lightweight EP800AD HPU that has a gauge pressure up to 800 PSI, or the more powerful EP1500AD HPU, that can reach pressures up to 1,500 PSI.

Both HPUs offer low power consumption. The EP800AD HPU’s smart design also allows both the heater and facer to plug into the HPU, allowing the entire machine to draw power from only one receptacle. Operators can also preset the facing, heating and fusion pressures individually without having to make adjustments between operations.

The Acrobat’s versatility also extends to its compact design and small footprint allowing it to be carried from joint to joint. To create a smaller footprint in tight jobsite situations, you can reconfigure the unit from four to three jaws by removing the base easily without tools. To this, add DataLogger® compatibility to record and analyze fusion joint data and a five-year warranty for a machine that brings more to the table than any small-diameter butt fusion machine in the industry.