Welcome to the New Vault™ 2.0

McElroy is pleased to announce the release of the Vault 2.0 — which makes storing, reviewing and sharing your fusion reports from your DataLogger® easier than ever before!

This update includes a modern, card-view interface for more intuitive and faster navigation. The number of reports are reflected on each card while each card can be sorted by job, machine, operator or tags. And now … all fusion locations can be pinpointed on one GPS map providing a visualization of an entire job!

You’ll be greeted with a tour of the new Vault once you log in. If viewing on your phone, you will find that the Vault 2.0 is much more mobile-friendly. This update is automatic and re-registration is not required after signing on.

Note: Users will be logged into the newest version of the Vault but have the option to view their reports through the original, classic Vault. The classic interface will be available while users adjust to the new system.

Please familiarize yourself with the new presentation by clicking through the tour and — if you haven’t already — sign up for your free Vault account today!