The McElroy Service Center

Welcome to the new quarterly Service Center that will be included in the InFusion newsletter! Within the Service Center you will find:

  • New maintenance and repair-related information
  • Technical bulletins
  • Training opportunities
  • Software updates
  • Repair kit information  
  • Tech tips

Check back for the most up-to-date news and information intended to help you provide better service and support to your McElroy equipment.

Did you know? 

McElroy posts technical bulletins on our distributor site. Tech bulletins can be posted for several reasons, including general technical information, specific maintenance procedures, product updates and retrofits, and troubleshooting guides.

Future technical bulletin releases and updates will be announced here with general information about what’s in the bulletin, and what equipment is affected. 

Update: Tech Bulletin 185 General Guide for Troubleshooting TracStar® iSeries has recently been revised.

The most recent revision includes updated information such as fault code descriptions, expected input and output values and general improvements to the overall clarity of the information contained in the bulletin. If you are using TB 185 to assist you in troubleshooting it is highly recommended that you download a new revised version from the distributor site or contact McElroy Tech Support for the most recent version.

Technology Update

 The latest lines of McElroy equipment rely more heavily on technology now than ever. It is important to make sure that your McElroy equipment is operating on the latest software and firmware versions to ensure optimal operation and access to the most up-to-date features. The latest software version for your Datalogger 7 or TracStar iSeries can be verified in the software release notes here.

If you need assistance updating your equipment, reach out to McElroy Tech support for assistance.

McElroy University

We have recently released a whole host of polypropylene and polyethylene maintenance related training courses. Click here to see the available training and enroll in a course.

Advanced TracStar iSeries Diagnostics Course will be available into 2024.

If you need training, don’t wait to enroll. Reach out to McElroy University at [email protected] for more information on course dates and openings.