Built for the Trench: Pit Bull® combines muscle with unparalleled portability

Don’t let the ditch slow you down.

The Pit Bull® 618 is the largest member of McElroy’s Pit Bull line, providing all the muscle you need for small- and medium-diameter pipe fusion when wheeled or tracked vehicles aren’t necessary.

The Pit Bull 618’s carriage, heater, insulated heater stand, and Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) are all separate components, allowing them to be situated in various arrangements for flexibility on the jobsite. Its carriage alone provides enough force to fuse medium-diameter pipe from 8 inches to 18 inches (200mm to 450mm).  

If the jobsite calls for a wheeled or tracked vehicle, the Pit Bull 618 can be easily fitted onto McElroy’s vehicles.

Compact and portable, the Pit Bull carriage is built specifically for pipe fusion in the trenches. On tight installations, the medium-diameter machines can be converted from a four-jaw to a three-jaw carriage for an even more compact fusion unit in the ditch. The smaller-diameter models are made primarily of surface-hardened aluminum which makes it durable yet light weight so that it can be physically carried from joint to joint.

For more information, visit the Pit Bull 618’s Product Page.