Groundbreaking features available with DataLogger® 6 update 1.15

McElroy brings productivity improvements and exciting new features to the DataLogger® 6 that allow you to document and analyze even more of your jobsite. Get these groundbreaking enhancements for the most valuable tool on your jobsite today by updating your devices to Version 1.15.

These revolutionary features will allow you to …

SAVE TIME WITH MCELROY OPTIMIZED COOLING™McElroy has discovered a more effective way to optimize the fusion process by reducing the cool time based on a new, patent-pending formula that is compliant with ASTM F2620. McElroy Optimized Cooling results in a dramatic time savings for the entire fusion process, which can provide users a competitive advantage by saving days and even weeks on the job. When selecting McElroy Optimized Cooling, the operator will be prompted to record the ambient temperature, pipe temperature and weather conditions for each joint.

Learn more about McElroy Optimized Cooling on our landing page which includes info graphics, white papers and an in-depth overview webinar conducted by McElroy’s Jim Johnston, Chief Innovation Officer.

CAPTURE PRESSURE TESTS IN THE FIELD — Up until now, most pressure tests done in the field have either been monitored and recorded manually or have used antiquated technologies. The DataLogger 6 now offers a guided workflow to document the details of your pressure tests along with a digital graph of the process. These test reports will also be stored along with all of the joint reports of your jobsite in the McElroy Vault™. This way you know your information is backed up, safe and there when you need it to build a complete report of the job.

The DataLogger has a new home screen. Select Start to access one of two Process Types: Pipe Fusion or Pressure Testing. Select Pressure Test and follow the guided workflow.


Contact your McElroy distributor for more information.

We build features and enhancements based on feedback from our distributors and end users, so let us know if there’s anything you’d like to see added to the DataLogger® or McElroy Vault™ by contacting your local McElroy distributor.