How to clean and disinfect your DataLogger® 6

We appreciate all the essential fusion operators in the world who are fusing pipe and logging joints on the DataLogger 6 during this pandemic.

Those using the DataLogger 6 may be wondering how to properly clean and disinfect this device for the prevention of coronavirus and other pathogens. Here are the best practices recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the tablet manufacturer, Getac.

Fun fact of the day — cleaning and disinfecting are two different things!


  • Wear disposable gloves made of latex when cleaning and disinfecting.
  • Remove cables, close all port covers and doors to prevent solution ingress.
  • Power off your device before cleaning and unplug the power cord along with other connected devices.
  • An Isopropyl Alcohol 70% and 30% water solution is recommended.
  • Use a clean cloth to dry the surface. Do not use materials such as paper towels or toilet paper.
  • Extra attention should be given to screw holes, areas that are not flat, strips and finger touchpoints. Unplugged cables should also be wiped down.
  • Although Getac’s rugged products are IP65 rated, please do not spray any sanitizer liquids directly onto the display, cooling vents, or keyboards. Use a dry cloth or cleaning wipes.
  • Ensure the disinfected surfaces are thoroughly dried before turning the device back on after cleaning. Wait until there is no visible moisture on the surfaces of the product before powering it on.
  • Clean your hands after removing your gloves.


Getac recommends the following disinfectants to safely sanitize your DataLogger 6 tablet:

  • CaviWipes™
  • Sani-Cloth® Plus
  • Webcol Alcohol Prep Pads
  • Viraguard
  • Clorox Healthcare® Bleach Germicidal Wipe