First iSeries machine arrives in UK

McElroy’s iSeries has officially crossed the pond.

A TracStar® 900i is the first of McElroy’s iSeries line to make it to the United Kingdom, where it is helping to provide a secure and clean water network to a growing community.

The East of England is one of the UK’s driest regions, receiving on average only two-thirds of the national rainfall. In addition, it’s one of the fastest-growing populations outside of London.

For those reasons, Anglian Water Services Limited has chosen to invest £10 million to install 10km of new water pipes in Thetford, located about 90 miles northeast of London, to build resilience in the local water system.

The TracStar® 900i was brought in to perform fusion work on the project. This phase is projected to be completed by the end of November 2022. Eventually, the pipe will be directly connected to another new 70km pipeline expected to be commissioned in 2023.

As of mid-April, 6km of new water pipe had been installed as part of the project.

These new pipes will improve reliability and reduce the number of homes and businesses relying on a single source of water supply. Securing water supplies for growth in the area will provide access to safe, clean, and plentiful water for years to come.