Important DataLogger® 7 Tablet Update

In the coming weeks, all DataLogger users will receive notification of an Android operating system update.

Currently, the Mesa3 tablet runs Android version 9, but this upcoming update will install version 11. This update is normally configured on the tablet to happen automatically, as long as an Internet connection is available. Please be aware that only the current DataLogger software will function on the new version 11 operating system.

Users should update their DataLogger software as quickly as possible, prior to installing the new Android 11 update. 

The DataLogger 7 will automatically check for updates, but users can force a check by going into Settings from the main DataLogger screen. 

In the event that the Android 11 update occurs before the DataLogger 7 update, the software will fail to open. If that happens, the user will need to install the DataLogger 7 update using Google Chrome. This process is not difficult, but it will require the user to perform a few steps:

  1. From the main desktop on the Mesa3 tablet, tap the Chrome icon to open Google Chrome.
  2. Enter this exact URL in the address bar in Chrome:
  3. There will be a link on that page which says “Click Here to Download”.
  4. Tap the Download link and follow the prompts to Download, then Open, and then Install.
This screenshot illustrates what users will see when they enter the update URL in the Chrome address bar.

If you have any questions or issues updating your DataLogger then please contact Tech Services at [email protected] or 918-836-8611 x 224.