Tackle pipe handling with PolyPorter®

Increase operator efficiency with McElroy’s PolyPorter®, a workhorse that tackles the job of handling pipe in the field and effective jobsite staging.

The PolyPorter is capable of lifting 2” IPS to 8” DIPS (63mm to 250mm) pipe. It combines the versatility and mechanical advantages of a dolly with the functionality of a pipe stand to create one of the most useful pipeline tools. Even better, the PolyPorter takes the work out of lifting, leveling, and aligning pipe, allowing operators to work more efficiently in the field.

Created from the mind of a pipeline contractor, the PolyPorter can be loaded by a single operator. Pipe can then be pushed easily through the roller-equipped hook arm into the fusion machine. Weighing in at just 63 pounds, the Polyporter includes an integrated mechanical jack that enables the operator to level pipe in uneven terrain, allowing it to reach the height of the fusion machine.

The PolyPorter was specifically designed to meet the needs of the jobsite. With a steel frame and corrosion-resistant coating, it boasts a wide stance and pneumatic tires designed to tackle the ever-changing challenges of projects on any terrain, in any weather, at any time of the year.

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