INFUSION20 goes virtual

A lot of planning has gone into this year’s INFUSION and we have so many exciting things to tell you about. Finding the right format to best share this information has been our utmost goal given the circumstances with the pandemic. So after much thought and consideration for the well-being and safety of McElroy and our valued channel partners, we have decided that the INFUSION20 conference on Sept. 22-24 will be a hybrid of both virtual and in-person events this year. 

Our meetings and breakout sessions will be held online on the previously designated dates while the Product Showcase will be an in-person event in the weeks following INFUSION. We will be inviting channel partners to come to Tulsa as small groups for private half-day sessions to give you a hands-on experience with our new equipment and a better opportunity to engage with our sales and engineering staffs.

We will be incorporating these changes into the website and registration process so please continue to register to receive links to the various online sessions. Some sessions will be live and others will include pre-recorded presentations with live Q&A.

Virtual conference attendees will have the opportunity to hear more about the fusion industry from McElroy CEO Chip McElroy and Jim Johnston, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, will present the business outlook. We will also continue to offer terrific keynote speakers, Eric Maddox, a decorated interrogator for the US Army, and Tulsa’s own Mike Bausch, co-owner of the renowned Andolini’s Pizzeria and president of the Tulsa Restaurant Association.

And you won’t want to miss our new Vice President of Product Development, Geoff Koch, who will round out our large group presentations for Wednesday with an in-depth presentation and debut of our new products!

We have some awesome breakout sessions lined up for the remainder of Wednesday and Thursday. They will be offered during our conference time and we will be repeating those sessions through the end of October so that everyone will have the chance to see them.

Though we are still working through some of the logistics, we are indeed very excited about delivering the conference this year despite all of these new challenges! Many of you have expressed your excitement as well and we would like to thank you so much for your support.

Due to the unprecedented circumstances we are living in, we are exploring ways to also deliver a virtual Product Showcase for those partners who are unable to travel. We will keep you updated.