INFUSION22 Breaks Ground & Records

It was a year of records for INFUSION22: Breaking Ground.

For the first time in McElroy history, the conference sold out with a record-breaking, 314 guests from a total of 19 countries. For international attendees, this was their first INFUSION since 2019, and the atmosphere reflected that sense of reunion.

For those who made the trip to Tulsa, we would like to extend a heartfelt thanks for helping to make INFUSION22 our best year yet!

SAVE THE DATE – INFUSION23 will be Oct. 9 – 13 at the River Spirit Hotel in Tulsa!

INFUSION22 Highlights

Product Showcase

Tritan™ 560

The Tritan™ 560 meets the pipe where it lays. This machine aids in pipe positioning, allowing for more flexibility and increased performance and productivity. With the same rugged, dual rubber tracks found on McElroy TracStar® machines, the Tritan offers all-terrain mobility for easily traveling across a variety of terrains and can be driven directly to and from the pipe itself.

By building off the legacy and design of multiple McElroy units, the Tritan minimizes the amount of time spent between fusions while also letting the machine work in tight areas.

The Tritan 560 offers a bottom-loading carriage that eliminates the need to lift pipe into the machine for standard fusions. Operators can load pipe quickly and safely in a number of configurations. The arms are able to raise, extend and curl the carriage giving operators the ability to precisely adjust the carriage without having to move the vehicle itself.

In addition, the Tritan carriage is fully removable and able to operate in a 2+2 or 3+1 configuration, in both a top loading or bottom loading setup.

Shipping for the Tritan 560 will begin in Q2 2023.

Polygon™ LT

The Polygon LT is the newest addition to McElroy’s polypropylene lineup.

The Polygon LT was created in response to a request to butt fuse smaller PP pipe. The Polygon LT was created to butt fuse smaller PP pipe with a need for fast open and close times and low fusion force control.

When coming up with the solution, engineers decided to address both of those areas of concern. The result: the Polygon LT, McElroy’s newest addition to its polypropylene lineup. With a similar design platform as the Polygon™, the Polygon LT has shortened parts to make it as compact as possible with the ability to butt fuse pipe ranging from 20mm to 110mm.

The Polygon LT will be available in the first quarter of 2023.

New Acrobat™ QuikFit® insert heater

As Acrobat QuikFit usage continues to increase, there have been requests to butt fuse specialized pipe, including insulated pipe or dual containment pipe (which is pipe inside another pipe, with a barrier between the two). McElroy’s new QuikFit insert heater works with the QuikFit carriage and 630mm jaws to fuse 250mm to 500mm pipe.

EP2800Q Series 2 HPU

Recently, McElroy personnel were notified that a major component of the current EP2800Q HPU has been obsoleted effectively immediately. To solve that challenge, team McElroy updated the current 2800Q to increase its capabilities. This new HPU adds a new pump on the hydraulic side and power management on the electrical side. This allows it to turn certain functions on or off depending on what is being used, which keeps the unit from pulling too much power in the field. The new HPU is compatible with QuikFit carriage.

International Partner Meeting

Before INFUSION22’s official kickoff, more than 50 international partners headed to McElroy’s training center for a morning of sessions on training, equipment offerings, and networking. This was the first time since 2019 that international distributors and clients could attend INFUSION, due to Covid restrictions in 2020 and 2021.

“It was great to catch up with our international friends after such a long time apart,” said International Sales manager Juan Quintero. “Our partners are excited at McElroy’s momentum moving forward, and we can’t wait to see what the future has in store.”