Make your next job easier with a TracStar® fusion machine



If freedom and ease of movement is important to you, look no further than the TracStar® for your next big job. The TracStar revolutionized the way thermoplastic pipelines were constructed when it was released in 1997. It was the first self-propelled, tracked fusion machine that was introduced to the world, and it still offers the most innovative and productive way to fuse pipe today. Here’s a few of the key reasons why:

Self-containment — All of the necessary equipment — including the generator for electricity and hydraulic power — is on board; you don’t have to haul around extra components separately. A diesel engine holds enough fuel for a full day’s work.

Mobility — The TracStar can be driven from the ramp of a truck right to the jobsite. A rugged track system allows it to handle most any rough terrain and even grades up to 30%. You can drive it from fusion to fusion and wherever else you need to go — a crane for lifting isn’t needed.

Removable carriages — The 4-jaw carriage is removable and can be placed in the ditch for close-quarter fusion. It converts to a 3-jaw carriage for an even more compact unit.

Many size options — There is a TracStar for most any size job from 2” IPS all the way to 48” OD pipe. Visit our website for the full range of options for polyethylene or polypropylene pipe.




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