McElroy Debuts 1LC Fusion Machine

TULSA, Okla. (July 6, 2010) — McElroy, the pipe fusion experts, recently debuted the 1LC fusion machine. The 1LC is the tool of choice for butt fusing polyethylene pipes sizes from 1/2″ CTS to 1″ IPS (16mm – 34mm).

Engineered as an alternative to the popular Mini-Mc®, the 1LC design uses a more conventional design. The 1LC’s heater locates on guide rods built within the unit, similar to larger diameter machines in the McElroy family. Pipeliners that own a Mini-Mc, which fuses the same pipe sizes, can use the same inserts within the 1LC.

“The McElroy 1LC puts tried and true technology into our smallest fusion machine,” said Chip McElroy, president of McElroy. “Other standard features that make McElroy the toughest fusion machines in the world have also been incorporated into a fusion machine that we believe will be extremely popular.”

With a locking cam system, the 1LC maintains necessary force during the cooling cycle of the fusion process and incorporates a 3.8-to-1 mechanical advantage. McElroy’s patented Centerline Guidance System, which provides equal distribution of force around the joint, is included in the design, as are serrated jaws and inserts to keep the pipe from slipping during fusion.

Two models of the 1LC are available for sale. One model requires a 100 to 120 volt input voltage requirement, while the other uses 200 to 240 volts. Each 1LC includes the fusion machine, heater, facer, insulated heater sling, ratchet wrench, screw/driver kit and case. For more information, visit the McElroy website at