McElroy distributors offering OEM inspections to help meet PHMSA Mega Rule

Your McElroy distributor can help you meet the latest pipeline safety regulations by providing an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) inspection.

The inspections are facilitated through an Equipment Inspection app created by McElroy and optimized on the DataLogger® 6 device. The app features an OEM checklist for maintaining McElroy equipment. The inspector will be able to identify any issues that may exist with the equipment and recommend any maintenance that needs to be performed. The inspector also provides a physical sticker that is applied to your piece of equipment.

The app provides a safe, secure and accessible online data storage solution for all machine inspection reports. With a complete inspection history for each machine, you can provide easy verification. Reports can be accessed by your machine’s serial number or the inspection number on McElroy’s secure website at

The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) requires operators to maintain joining equipment in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommended practices or their own written procedures. The Mega Rule for equipment maintenance (49CFR §192.756.756) has been in effect since Jan. 22, 2019.

We think that the OEM inspections will ultimately result in better equipment in the field — which is a very positive development for the fusion industry and a great opportunity for you to protect your fleet investment and comply with PHMSA regulations.

Please contact your local McElroy distributor for more information about OEM inspections. They have master mechanics, certified operators and inspectors who are qualified to inspect your machines, and they are ready to help you through this process.

To find a distributor in your area, go to

If you have questions for McElroy, please contact Mike Pacheco at [email protected].


  1. Can I receive a notice when a piece of equipment is due for an inspection? This feature is on the development road map.
  2. Does the app prompt for hydraulic and engine oil changes? Not at this time.
  3. Can a machine be inspected virtually? It could be done, but with some caveats. It would depend on the comfort level of the inspector, and the capabilities and expertise of the customer.
  4. How can I replace a damaged inspection sticker? If a sticker is necessary, it is easy to get another inspection done and a new sticker added. Or you can contact your McElroy distributor for assistance, provide your unique customer asset number for the machine or part, and they can provide your inspection report.
  5. What are PHMSA’s reporting requirements? Are they enforcing those requirements and are there any penalties? PHMSA is prescriptive in nature and is not issuing specific guidelines on how inspections should be completed. It is up to the PHMSA inspector as to how those rules are interpreted, enforced and the penalties issued. Although PHMSA doesn’t specifically require an equipment inspection record, there is an implied directive that a stored record is the way to show a piece of equipment was inspected.
  6. Does the McElroy website list channel partners that have qualified inspectors? Not at this time.
  7. What if I don’t have an equipment inspector in my area? Contact us at [email protected] or [email protected].
  8. Will new equipment shipped from McElroy be inspected before shipment and have an inspection sticker? Before shipment, we perform extensive inspections, but these inspections do not have inspection stickers. Many of our McElroy distributors will perform an initial inspection, and place a sticker on all new equipment before it’s sold or goes into a rental fleet so it can then be placed on a regular inspection cycle.