McElroy hosts James Lankford for town hall, facility tour

U.S. Sen. James Lankford (R-OK) visited McElroy Manufacturing in Tulsa, Oklahoma, for a town hall meeting and tour of one of McElroy’s facilities. This visit was a partnership with the Association of Equipment Manufacturers and was intended as an I Make America Event to increase dialogue between lawmakers and individuals in the manufacturing sector.

On Monday, June 27, McElroy Manufacturing and the Association of Equipment Manufacturers hosted U.S. Sen. James Lankford for a town hall meeting and a tour of one of McElroy’s Tulsa facilities.

This visit was an I Make America event intended to increase dialogue between lawmakers and individuals who work in the manufacturing sector.

I Make America is AEM’s grassroots movement that exists to advocate for policies supporting U.S. manufacturing careers and to ensure American equipment manufacturers compete on a global scale.

“We were thrilled to have the opportunity to host Sen. Lankford again at McElroy and have the opportunity to further advocate for American manufacturing,” said McElroy CEO and President Chip McElroy. “As a company, we understand the importance of a strong manufacturing sector in the United States, and it is important we stay engaged with our political leaders to ensure our voices are heard.”

Currently, AEM is working with a bipartisan group of Congressional leaders to advance the Bipartisan Innovation Act, which would strengthen the U.S. supply chain, invest in innovation, increase America’s global competitiveness, and protect the more than 77,000 manufacturing jobs in Oklahoma.

McElroy Vice President of Operations Paul Lui, second from left, speaks to U.S. Sen. James Lankford (R-OK), far right, about the manufacturing that takes place at McElroy. Also pictured are McElroy President and CEO Chip McElroy, third from left., and AEM Senior Vice President of Government and Industry Relations Kip Eideberg, far left.

Lankford’s visit began with the demonstration of a McElroy TracStar® 900i, a large-diameter fusion machine that is capable of fusing pipe from 12-inch IPS to 36” OD (315mm-900mm). He went on to tour the facility, speaking with employees and answering questions about the state of affairs for American manufacturing in Washington, D.C.

“AEM greatly appreciates Senator Lankford’s steadfast focus on strengthening U.S. equipment manufacturing, increasing our global competitiveness, and providing more opportunities for the men 2.8 million men and women who make the equipment that builds, powers, and feeds the world,” said Kip Eideberg, AEM’s senior vice president of government and industry relations. “At a time of rising geopolitical risk and increasing competition from abroad, it is imperative that our elected officials set aside their differences and swiftly reach agreement on legislation that will enable the United States to better compete in the global economy and create more family-sustaining jobs in America.”

Following his tour, Lankford attended a town hall with McElroy employees, updating attendees about current legislation and answering questions from the audience. Questions ranged from border security to inflation.

“Any hard-working manufacturer in the United States can still be held back by our crippling inflation and struggling supply chain. Manufacturing is the backbone of our nation’s economy; without it, we would not be able to sustain our economy. Our supply challenges clearly demonstrate the need for more American manufacturing, not less. I am grateful to maintain an ongoing dialogue with McElroy and the Association of Equipment Manufacturers to fight for regulatory certainty so they can grow their business, protect jobs and increase their competitiveness worldwide. The remarkable people at McElroy all know first-hand the challenges we face and solutions that will grow our nation, ” Lankford said. 

About McElroy

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