McElroy Inspection Program Helping Fusion Equipment Owners Meet PHMSA Regulations

You need to stay up to date with evolving rules from the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA), and McElroy is offering an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) inspection program that can help.

The program, available through your McElroy distributor, is designed to help you meet and maintain compliance with safety regulations and best practices for HDPE pipe fusion.

Inspections are facilitated by a proprietary, easy-to-use Equipment Inspection app optimized for McElroy DataLogger® 6 and 7 devices. An included OEM checklist for maintaining McElroy equipment allows master technicians and inspectors to identify issues and recommend necessary maintenance in order to keep your equipment functioning optimally.

Inspections are also indicated by physical stickers verifying the equipment’s status.

Finally, data from inspections is stored in a secure, yet accessible location via the McElroy Vault™. This database empowers you and your inspectors to reference equipment history and gain clearer insights into performance and compliance status.

Well-maintained equipment and qualified operators lead to quality plastic pipe joining operations, and the McElroy Equipment Inspection program helps you meet that goal and protect your fleet investment.

Distributors and End Users Work Together to Reap Benefits of Better Inspection

The McElroy Equipment Inspection program empowers collaboration between McElroy distributors and operators, ultimately resulting in better equipment in the field.

The City Utilities of Springfield (CU), Mo., and Industrial Sales, a McElroy distributor, have realized these benefits. The two organizations have teamed up to leverage McElroy’s Equipment Inspection program to streamline their approach to inspection of contractor equipment.

Though that equipment has always been inspected before use, CU recognized that it needed to leverage additional expertise in meeting the new PHMAS requirements and to provide the best inspection possible. Industrial Sales, which has certified McElroy master mechanics on its team who can use their extensive knowledge to conduct higher quality inspections, was the perfect fit.

This relationship has allowed CU to ensure that adequate planning occurs weeks prior to inspection – a timeline that has actually proved critical in the face of unexpected challenges – and that inspections are done in a manner that empowers CU to keep pace with evolving regulations and standards.

The best-of-both-worlds approach allows CU, which knows its specific unique needs and circumstances, to tap into the expert knowledge of Industrial Sales and form a partnership that not only elevates inspection quality but does it in an extremely efficient manner.

The annual program gives CU peace of mind that contractors’ equipment is up-to-date and that, whenever it needs to access prior documentation, the McElroy Vault makes it simple.

Contact McElroy Today

McElroy is ready to help distributors aid operators in keeping pace with a shifting regulatory landscape, and it couldn’t be simpler to get started.

Distributors can implement the program by selecting an inspection team and contacting McElroy for access to the app.

To find a distributor in your area, go to the McElroy distributor locator.

If you have questions for McElroy, please contact Mike Pacheco at [email protected].