McElroy Launches Spider™ 125 with Universal Clamping

Tulsa, Okla. — McElroy, the world’s leading maker of thermoplastic pipe fusion machines, has released its latest socket fusion tool for polypropylene (PP) pipe installations – the Spider™ 125 with Universal Clamping.

The unique design of the Spider 125 makes it the ideal socket fusion tool for installations using 63mm to 125mm PP pipe in overhead, vertical and tight work spaces.

The new Universal Clamping feature allows the latest Spider 125 model to accommodate any size of pipe or coupling, eliminating the need for inserts. The original Spider 125 is designed with a chain-clamping system, and it comes with variety of insert sizes for pipes and fittings.

“We are pleased to bring this new feature to the Spider 125 which will continue to give operators the tools they need to perform socket fusions on challenging jobsites,” said McElroy President Chip McElroy. “Our fusion products are becoming recognized as the best complement to polypropylene pipe installations which are being used more and more in today’s best and most advanced indoor piping systems.”

At 15 pounds, the Spider 125 with Universal Clamping remains a lightweight, compact device with a worm gear drive and parallel link system that brings pipes and fittings together evenly and under control.

A single technician can align, heat, fuse and cool the pipe, and because the Spider is non-back drivable, constant pressure is maintained throughout the process.

The Spider 125 with Universal Clamping comes with its own carrying case, and a full assortment of heaters and heater adapters in the 63mm to 125mm range are available.

PP fused pipe systems are used in a multitude of residential, commercial and industrial applications including potable water, chilled water, greywater, heating and cooling systems, hydronics, geothermal and compressed air systems, rainwater collection and irrigation, chemical transport and fire suppression systems.

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