McElroy launches the Emergency Parts Program

In the event of an emergency, we’re here to help! It’s frustrating when your jobsite is shut down waiting for replacement parts. Lost time equals lost revenue.

That’s why McElroy is excited to announce the launch of our new Emergency Parts Program. We have identified a select number of our machine parts available for same-day or next-day shipping. These are generally large-diameter parts with longer lead times and not typically found in stock with channel partners. These are the parts that could shut down a jobsite for weeks! We know you and your customer can’t afford to wait that long. That’s why these select parts are pre-packed, on the shelf and ready for fast shipping!

How it works

You must call Inside Sales and Support at (918) 831-9236 and they will place the order for you. Emergency Parts are not available through the normal order processes. Orders placed before 2 p.m. CST will ship out the same day. After 2 p.m. CST, your order will ship the following day.

Important details  

  • We have 28 Emergency Parts available to date. These are mostly larger parts with longer lead times that can result in major disruptions when they need to be replaced in the field.
  • Emergency Parts have a “Z” prefix attached to the original part number.
  • Emergency Parts are prepackaged and ready to ship, so they have a higher list price.
  • Distributor discounts, RPP and LBD rebate programs WILL still apply.
  • Available now!

Below is our initial list of Emergency Parts. For the most current listing including list price, please visit the distributor website and click on the Emergency Parts banner.

ZA2409801 Lower inner movable jaw kit
ZA2428506 24 heater butt plate kit
ZA3617201 36 butt plate kit
ZT1200501  T412 facer assy
ZT1208002  Facer body
ZT1802002  Facer body
ZT1802103  Cbored blade holder
ZT2400701  T630 outer fixed jaw assy
ZT2402205  Facer pivot arm
ZT2404001  Facer body
ZT5004603  Cbored blade holder
ZT5008702Facer body
ZT9009402  Rear hood w/ labels
ZT9027001  Pivot arm
ZT9029801  Guide rod support 
Z1801108    Lower outer fixed jaw
Z2409801    Lower inner movable jaw
Z2409901    Upper jaw   
Z2428506    Heater butt plate  
Z3602107    36″ facer body
Z3602402    Upper jaw   
Z3602507    24 tapered blade holder  
Z3602508    24 grease zerk blade holder       
Z3602509    Tapered blade holder       
Z3602510    Grease zerk blade holder
Z3603608    Facer bearing          
Z3617201    Butt plate    
Z4807703    Facer pivot arm      

We are excited to be able to offer these parts with this quick availability. 

For more information, call Inside Sales and Support at (918) 831-9236.