McElroy Rolls Out New DynaMc® Hand Pump Models

TULSA, Okla. — The newest additions to the McElroy line of fusion machines are the DynaMc® Hand Pumps (HP). The machines are designed for job sites where only a few joints are required or tight in-ditch working environments. Three HP models — the 28, 250 and 412 — are currently available for order.

Combined, the three models can fuse high-density polyethylene pipes sized from 2″ IPS to 12″ DIPS (63mm — 340mm). Each of the models can be purchased in two- and four-jaw configurations. All models feature a detachable easy-lift cradle that makes transportation to and from the work area simpler. For tight working areas, the easy-lift cradle can be removed to make the footprint of the machine smaller.

What makes the DynaMc HPs unique is the double-action hand-pump that works in unison with high-velocity cylinders to create fast carriage speeds for quick opens and closes during fusion processes. Also included in the hand-pump models are a powerful electric facer and heater, which can be loaded from either side of the jaw carriage — perfect for cramped working environments. The DynaMc HPs are compatible with McElroy’s DataLogger®, which is a device that allows operators and contractors to document and verify joint integrity.

“The new DynaMc HP series is representative of McElroy’s responsibility as the pipe fusion experts to fulfill the market’s demands,” said Chip McElroy, president and chief executive officer for McElroy. “As polyethylene pipe continues to become even more popular as the choice for infrastructure projects, we believe some customers will turn to the lighter, more compact DynaMc as an entry-level product that can meet their needs and work in a multitude of environments, while still offering McElroy’s highly regarded quality and performance.”

Special to the four-jaw models of the 28, 250 and 412 is the full-length guide rod and moveable third jaw that allows fusion technicians to work in close proximity to ells and tees without removing the outer jaw. This arrangement gives the operator increased versatility when addressing different pipe fusion situations.

The small dynamo packs the power and ingenuity of standard McElroy features, including the patented Centerline Guidance System, serrated jaws and inserts to keep pipe from slipping during the fusion process, ISO-compliant industrial Teflon-coated heater plates and 1,500 psi pressure capability.

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