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Software Update

Tracstar® iSeries

January 12, 2024, release Summary

Carriage Control Module (CCM) 1.037

  • Changes were made to adjust the cushion (flow) as the facer/heater approach the guide rod during fusion operation. This change will address any variability in cushion settings that may be present in earlier year models with later software versions.

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Electrical Power Supply Considerations for EP800AD HPUs

We have recently seen an increase in electrical system failures in EP800AD HPUs. Most of these failures can be attributed to insufficient electrical power supply for proper operation.

Electrical power on job sites can be inconsistent and it is always best to try and have a dedicated power source to prevent problems that can be induced by inadequate voltage. Distance from power supply should also be considered and adjustments should be made to minimize the length of extension cords.

If extension cords are needed, they need to be adequately sized by a qualified electrician to ensure the proper voltage supply is available at the HPU.  Planning for a dedicated power supply and following these simple recommendations can help to prevent equipment malfunctions or failures such as blown fuses and damage to electrical components.

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