McElroy Unveils Latest Productivity Tool

TULSA, Okla. — McElroy Manufacturing, Inc., the pipe fusion experts, recently introduced Low Profile Rollers, a new productivity-enhancing option for high-density polyethylene pipe jobsites. The rollers are easy-to-transport and best suited for 4- to 20-inch diameter pipe.

“The Low Profile Rollers join the immensely successful McElroy PolyHorse, PolyPorter and pipe stands in creating optimal efficiency at jobsites,” said Chip McElroy, president and chief executive officer of McElroy Manufacturing Inc. “When paired with some of our other equipment, the Low Profile Rollers exponentially increase their productivity and value to the operator.”

Built to be as rugged and reliable as the rest of McElroy’s products, the Low Profile Rollers are a modular design with extremely compact storage in a crate that holds 40 rollers. A sealed ball-bearing construction ensures optimal performance use after use.

The Low Profile Rollers were recently used at the Highland Valley Copper mine in British Columbia, Canada. Fusion operators paired the rollers with a PolyHorse, allowing for a standard pick-up to pull a length of pipe across the rollers, thus eliminating a piece of heavy machinery. Operators were able to set the rollers up along the intended pull path in a matter of minutes. The rollers also kept the pipe clean and off the ground.

The latest addition to the McElroy line of pipe fusion accessories is already under high demand, replacing homemade and ineffective pipe rollers on many jobsites. The tip-resistant Low Profile Rollers can be ordered through McElroy’s extensive network of distributors. For more information or to find a distributor, visit