New McElroy fusion machine features Tier 4 engine

McElroy has launched a new machine in its flagship TracStar® series that offers advanced emissions reduction and automation technologies allowing users to meet today’s toughest regulations in air quality and data logging.

The new TracStar 900 Series 2 Automatic features a Cummins US EPA Tier 4/EU Stage IIIB engine that burns ultra-low sulfur diesel making it cleaner burning, quieter running and more efficient than ever before.

Fusion functions are controlled automatically with The Coach® pendant which also has the ability to upload joint reports to the McElroy DataLogger® Vault™ for safe storage, analysis and validation of pipeline integrity.

“We have equipped the Auto machine with an advanced diesel engine from an outstanding global supplier so that our customers will be ready for emissions regulations in all markets, including strict requirements in Europe, and have ready access to top-tier engine service and support,” said McElroy Director of Product Development Jason A. Lawrence, PE. “It’s also increasingly important to have the ability to upload joint data to show that pipelines were fused properly which offers greater accountability as well as a competitive edge. This machine does that.”

Engineers made it easy to access the engine for maintenance on the TracStar 900 Series 2 Automatic by redesigning the cowling and rearranging the components under the hood. The machine fuses 340mm to 900mm (12″ IPS to 36″ OD) thermoplastic pipe in accordance with many of the international fusion standards and includes all of the ongoing features of the TracStar machines that have made them so reliable over the years.

The all-terrain vehicle features rugged, rubber crawler tracks and is self-propelled via wireless remote control. It is also self-contained with an on-board generator for powering the heater. Hydraulic power assists the operator with all fusion functions including the operation of the jaws, pipe lifts, heater and facer. Low-, medium-, and high-force machines are available.

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