New TracStar® iSeries Learning Modules Available

The staff at McElroy University have been hard at work creating more new content for you. There are 5 new modules specifically for the TracStar® iSeries machines. 

As a reminder…

If you already have an account in the LMS (Learning Management System), then go to:  Put in your credentials and you can select your courses.

If you have not registered in the LMS then go to: and click any of the REGISTER buttons. You will be required to input your McElroy account number for validation. This is important for you to receive channel partner pricing. Once registered, you will be able to see your course options. 

Currently, the following courses are only available to Channel Partners.

Intro for Sales Professionals (45min)

This module helps prepare the sales professional, and others, to have meaningful and productive conversations about the iSeries when speaking to equipment and pipeline owners, fusion operators, and maintenance technicians. After completing this module, learners will understand the basic features and benefits of the iSeries and provide answers to some of the most common questions.  While this was developed with the sales professional in mind, this module is relevant and useful for anyone that needs to understand the value proposition of this new equipment line.

Intro for Fusion Operators (60min)

In this module, learners will gain valuable insight related to the operation of the iSeries. We provide a detailed walk-around of the machine so that operators are familiar with the machine and understand the basics of how to perform the entire fusion process with each of the three operational levels. This module is a must-see for operators but can help anyone better understand how the operation of the iSeries may differ from previous models while retaining a very familiar look and feel.

Intro for Technicians/Mechanics (75 min)

From the mechanics perspective, there is much to love about the iSeries.  This module introduces many of the new technical elements of the iSeries along with notable changes from previous TracStar® machines.  Topics include machine service points, mechanical system highlights, electrical system highlights, and an introduction to the Controller Area Network or CAN.  This is a must-see module for anyone responsible for the maintenance of an iSeries machine.

Pre-Operations Inspection/Checklist (12 minutes)

A routine inspection of equipment at the start of any workday is always a best practice. In this short module, we address how to perform an inspection of an iSeries machine, using automatic system checks along with a pre-operations checklist (fluid levels, grease points, filters, basic functionality, etc.) to ensure the machine is ready for the job site.

Software Updates (10 minutes)

One especially unique aspect of the iSeries line of equipment is the utilization of software to drive machine operations and optimize performance.  In this short module, we will show you how easy it is to ensure that the DataLogger® software is up to date, as well as those systems related to the Carriage, the Vehicle, and the Console.  This will help ensure that the machine can operate at peak performance.