McElroy University to offer standalone courses for continuing education

Whether you’re looking for a refresher – or a fresh start – McElroy University has a class for you.

Continuing education courses are now available on the McElroy University website, with core content available as standalone courses that can be completed entirely online.

“As we integrated online content into our operations training, we’d get calls from many in the industry who expressed interest in the online material only,” said Paul Brodsky, McElroy University manager. “These people would say they don’t necessarily need a hands-on qualification, but they do need to understand the fundamentals of pipe fusion, and other related topics.”

Brodsky and the McElroy University team took those requests and began to develop an online training library that continues to grow.

“We have a number of topics/courses on our development roadmap that don’t necessarily need an in-person, hands-on component which makes them ideal in an online, always accessible, format.  ”

For example, McElroy University’s “Intro to PE Pipe and Pipe Fusion” class is $15 for a 30-minute module..

“If you’re an engineer, or you’re new to pipe fusion or you’re new to McElroy, or even if you’re new to PE pipe, that class is a great way to learn about PE pipe and different fusion methods. Plus it’s quick and easy,” Brodsky said. “A lot of distributors already use that as a sales tool, if they’re trying to work with someone who isn’t familiar with the industry.”

After completing the introductory course, students can then decide if they want to learn more.

Similar courses exist for polypropylene pipe, the various pipe fusion methods, McElroy’s DataLogger® and more.

“Before, the only way to access that content was to sign up for the full class,” Brodsky said. “We wanted to create something accessible.”

The list of available standalone courses will continue to grow, Brodsky said. Ideas for courses and needs come from all sources, whether they’re customer requests or things mentioned in the field.

A full list of available courses is available at