PE innovation lauded on hydroelectric project in Alaska

Our team, from left, included Vince King, Brandon Jackman, Matt Hennigan, Brett Stone, Paul Brodsky, Jesse Smith, Francisco Caballero, Lori Sims, Seth Ahrens and many others.

McElroy and ISCO Industries were presented with the Municipal Leadership Award recently from the Alliance for PE Pipe in connection with the West Fork Upper Battle Creek Diversion Project near Homer, Alaska. The award recognizes outstanding achievement and leadership in innovative pipe solutions.

We were so honored to be part of this project and would like to also recognize GMC Contracting, Orion Construction Inc. and Borouge for their role in making it all possible. The diversion project was part of the Bradley Lake Hydroelectric Project and an ambitious effort to expand hydro power in the region. Situated in a remote area on the Kenai Peninsula, the McElroy Talon™ 2000 was used to fuse 1600mm (63″) of Borouge PE100 DR21 pipe up the side of a mountain on rocky roadways that were razor-thin. Between the Talon on the mountain and a MegaMc® 1600 at the base below, McElroy machines fused some 10,000’ of pipe.

Our team worked diligently behind the scenes and in boots on the ground to provide technical assistance throughout the duration of the project. Our multi-talented team in Sales, McElroy University, Engineering, Quality and Innovation were instrumental in making it a success.

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