Pit Bull® 14 used on a geothermal install in Hartford, WI.
Pit Bull® 14 at Camp Tom Hale

The McElroy Pit Bull 14 is a compact, lightweight, highly reliable and rugged fusion machine that fuses 1” IPS to 4” DIPS (32mm to 110mm) pipe. It incorporates McElroy’s patented Centerline Guidance System and is designed to butt fuse tees, ells and other fittings with consistent, high-quality results. The machine’s semi-automatic locking cam system maintains force during the cooling cycle.

For better efficiency on the job, get the Pit Bull 14 as a Productivity Package which includes the Pit Bull 14 fusion machine, a manual fusion machine stand and two PolyPorters®. This package is perfect for the contractor that wants to save time and money with the benefit of having all these labor-savings devices on one cost-efficient package.


  • Reversible jaws, clamp knobs, levers and facer that allows the operator to fuse from either side of the machine
  • Thrust-bearing-equipped clamp knobs to minimize torque required to clamp and round the pipe
  • 15-to-1 mechanical advantage
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Semi-automatic locking cam