INFUSION23 Product Showcase highlights new products

INFUSION23 is in the rearview mirror, but we’re not hitting the brakes just yet.

Every year, McElroy’s Product Showcase – highlighting the latest and greatest that McElroy has to offer – is a much-anticipated INFUSION event, and this year’s conference was no exception.

Keep reading to catch the highlights from INFUSION23’s Product Showcase.

TracStar® 618i
TracStar® 412i

TracStar® 412i and TracStar® 618i

These two new additions to our TracStar lineup mark the introduction of TracStar iSeries technology into medium-diameter fusion. These new machines include a few key differences from their Series 2 counterparts. The TracStar 412i and 618i will incorporate the FusionGuide™ Control system seen on other TracStar iSeries models, providing operators with three levels of control during the fusion process.

The TracStar 412i and 618i also feature an improved design that allows for a new, larger-volume hydraulic tank secured beneath the machine’s dome. This reduces the risk of operators accidentally adding the wrong fluid to the hydraulic tank. In addition, a new indexer for both machines provides a convenient and self-contained place for the heater and facer.

Pit Bull® and Rolling 412 and 618

Much like the TracStar 412i and TracStar 618i, the Pit Bull® and Rolling 412 and Rolling 618 increase operator productivity and make improvements to the product platform. New updates add an indexer to these units that, like their TracStar iSeries cousins, keeps the heater and facer with the machine itself. The units can also be used on the tracked vehicles from McElroy’s TracStar line.

Acrobat™ 315 Facer and Heater

As McElroy continues to see demand grow for the Acrobat 315, there have been more requests to butt fuse specialized pipe. But oftentimes, the facer and heater’s inside diameter is too large to accommodate that pipe. To solve that problem, a new facer was designed with changes to the blade holders, along with a new heater with a new element and butt plates. The new heater has a higher surface area that allows for fusion of these specialized types of pipe, further broadening our reach in the mechanical, plumbing and HVAC markets.