Product spotlight: Spider™ 125

The Spider 125 Series 2 is the preferred equipment for quick and accurate socket fusion of polypropylene pipe and fittings from 63mm to 125mm. Only one operator is required to efficiently align, heat, fuse and cool the pipe. With a lightweight and compact design, the Spider is ideal for performing socket fusions overhead, vertically and other tight indoor spaces from the attic to the floor.


  • Jaw clamping system maintains roundness of pipe, improves force distribution
  • Strong gearbox and self-locking drive handle for proper alignment and constant fusion pressure
  • D-ring added for easy lifting and drop protection
  • Removable fitting stops add HDPE fusion capability
  • Removable fitting support system ensures proper alignment
  • Durable aluminum handle and knobs
  • Lightweight and compact for easy lifting and fusing in tight spaces
  • Universal clamping jaw system fits all pipe brands and fittings; inserts not required