Save time, money with McElroy Productivity Packages

Improve efficiency in the field with McElroy’s Productivity Packages, available for both the Pit Bull® 14 and 26 machines.

These packages combine the Pit Bull machine, a manual machine stand, and two PolyPorters®, representing a significant cost savings when compared to purchasing the pieces individually.

Manual machine stands expand to a comfortable height, allowing operators to fuse with less fatigue. It folds for easy storage and has wheels to make transportation less difficult.

The PolyPorter is a workhouse that tackles the job of handling pipe in the field and effective jobsite staging. It’s capable of lifting 2″ IPS to 8″ DIPS (63mm to 250mm) pipe. By combining the versatility and mechanical advantages of a dolly with the functionality of a pipe stand, the PolyPorter takes the work out of lifting, leveling, and aligning pipe.

When combined with the Pit Bull manual fusion machines, these productivity packages provide customers with a convenient, cost-effective package.

Pit Bull 14 Productivity Package

Pit Bull 26 Productivity Package