The Tracstar® legacy

The TracStar was the first self-propelled, self-contained, tracked fusion machine to hit the fusion market in 1997. Its unique capabilities revolutionized the industry and created a demand for an entire range of all-terrain vehicles that today fuse pipe as small as 2” IPS up to 48” OD.

The TracStar is unbeatable in the market and remains the flagship of the McElroy fusion machine line. These key features are some of the reasons why:

MOBILITY & FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT – Self-propelled with rubber crawler tracks, the TracStar vehicles traverse rough terrain and grades up to 30%. They can be driven to the jobsite from the ramps of a trailer, eliminating the need for a crane.

SELF-CONTAINED DIESEL ENGINE — TracStars are powered by self-contained, liquid-cooled or turbo diesel engines with fuel tank and operational capacity to perform a full-day’s work.

ONBOARD GENERATOR – An onboard generator allows the TracStar to generate its own electricity and hydraulic power.

DITCH READY – The 4-jaw carriage can be easily removed for close-quarter, in-ditch fusion. It also converts to a 3-jaw carriage for an even more compact fusion unit.