TracStar® 500 Series 3 part of project to join power grids of Germany and Great Britain

Each and every day, McElroy machines around the world are making the world a better place through building better infrastructure. And one of the latest projects utilizing McElroy equipment is billed as a “new energy connection to power the future.”

Image courtesy NeuConnect.

On the Isle of Grain in Kent, about 36 miles (58 km) east of London, work continues on an interconnector dubbed the “NeuConnect Interconnector.” When complete, about 450 miles (725 km) of land and subsea cables will form an “invisible highway” allowing up to 1.4 GW of electricity to move in either direction between the British and German electricity networks.

A TracStar® 500 Series 3, provided by McElroy channel partner Sunbelt Rentals, was used to fuse HDPE as part of the housing for those subsea cables.

A TracStar® 500 Series 3 works in a fusion tent, pictured bottom right, to fuse housing for land and subsea cables. Image courtesy SIMONA Peak Pipe Systems Ltd.

Major construction to lay the subsea cables began in 2023 and will continue until the project is finished. Those estimates currently include a completion date of 2028, at which point the interconnector will begin operation.

This is the first direct link between the British and German networks, and when it’s complete it will be able to provide power to up to 1.5 million homes over its lifespan.

This project comes with many benefits, including a net reduction in carbon emissions of 13 MtCO2 over 25 years. Both networks will benefit from better efficiency and flexibility to address the needs of industry, business, and consumers.

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