TracStar, Just What The Dr. Ordered

The TracStar is mimicking its name and is off to the races. McElroy Manufacturing Inc. is being challenged in the quest to keep up with the volume of demand for the TracStar No. 28 and No. 412. Since their launch, orders have been pouring in and MMI personnel have been pitching in to handle the magnitude of sales. About ten people from the engineering and tech services departments, as well as sales, have changed hats and picked up wrenches to assist the manufacturing team.

In 1997 MMI unveiled the worlds first self-contained, self-propelled, all-terrain hydraulic fusion machine — the TracStar 500. The TracStar 900 followed and the two literally revolutionized the industry. The mobility of the track system, removable jaw assembly and elimination of a third party generator are features our customers loved. After the success of the two larger machines, MMI started feasibility studies to determine the best way to bring the improvements to the No.28 and No. 412 machines. MMI knew the No. 28 and No. 412 had a higher volume of sales than the TracStar 500 and TracStar 900, but had no idea the redesign would spark such an onslaught of orders. Many of our distributors are so excited about the new machines they have already ordered their allotment for the entire year. “We’ve had an overwhelming response,” said Doug Duncan, Product manager. “We didn’t expect this huge influx of orders… It’s the hottest thing on the market.”

John Trimble, sales consultant for Secor in Houston Texas, has reported that only two of the new TracStars have arrived at his distributorship and both sold immediately. Several others have sold before the customer has even had a chance to see them.

The TracStar No. 28 is a combination of the best parts of the No.28 and No.28 PitBull. With the added versatility of the removable jaw assembly, all terrain mobility, and an onboard generator, this machine blows the competition away. The price increase is about $2,500. If you consider that the cost of the Honda generator is about that much, the other added benefits are practically free to the customer. This makes the purchase decision easy for the contractor.

The main upgrading to the No. 412 is the track system and the diesel powered generator. Diesel power usually requires less maintenance and is pretty standard in the construction industry. Perhaps the biggest improvement the TracStar brings to the industry is the added mobility. Manipulating pipe in the field can be very time consuming. With the track system, moving pipe around is much easier and faster. Secor touts a 25% cut in operation time due to the maneuverability of the TracStar. The expense savings can be enormous over an extended period of time.

The success of the TracStar is a perfect example of why MMI has the reputation of being the leader by design.