Around the World: Floating HDPE Pipeline Helps Restore Beaches in Durban

RHO-TECH recently installed a floating 900mm (36″ OD) HDPE pipeline that will help mitigate a constantly receding shoreline in Durban, South Africa. The new pipeline will be used to pump sand from the sea to the shoreline which will increase public access to the area’s affected beaches.

To prepare the pipeline for marine and sub-sea services, RHO-TECH developed solutions according to the client’s requirements. Equipment included two McElroy TracStar® 900 machines paired with the DataLogger® to fuse pipe according to the ISO21307:2011 HF standard. The TracStar machines allowed them to install the HDPE pipe system within strict time constraints. The DataLogger improved quality assurance by providing an electronic record to ensure that the parameters of the fusion process were followed correctly.

RHO-TECH is a manufacturer and supplier of HDPE pipe and specializes in butt fusion welding solutions across Southern Africa.

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