Five new Polygon™ videos

This just in. Five new Polygon videos! The Polygon is McElroy’s three-in-one machine used to butt fuse joints and fabricate miter joints from zero- to 45-degree angles with additional socket fusion capability for polypropylene pipe. It is McElroy’s first manual butt fusion machine that is compatible with the DataLogger®, providing documentation that joints were fused according to standard.

These videos can be found on the McElroy University YouTube channel and our website via the links below. Each video provides a quick overview on specific stages of the fusion process such as:

Changing Jaws on the McElroy Polygon™

Setting Jaw Angles and Facing Pipe on the McElroy Polygon™

Setting up the DataLogger® 6 & Recording Fusions on the McElroy Polygon™

Heating & Fusing Butt or Miter Joints with a McElroy Polygon™

Interpreting FusionGuide™ Graphs Produced by the McElroy Polygon™

Watch, enjoy and learn!