McElroy Introduces MegaMc® Rollers

TULSA, Okla. — McElroy recently introduced MegaMc® Rollers, a new productivity-enhancing pipe roller for 12-inch IPS to 54-inch OD (340mm to 1,400mm) polyethylene pipe sizes. The rollers keep pipe off the ground and aids in the pulling of fused pipe along the right of way.

The MegaMc Rollers are tip-resistant with a capacity of 9,000 pounds per unit. The fused joint and pipe roll through the device easily. By keeping the pipe off the ground, the pipe is protected from the damage of being pulled along the ground, as well as excessive pulling forces. Four years ago, McElroy released Low Profile Rollers for 4- through 20-inch piping. The new MegaMc Rollers offers many of the same benefits as the preceding rollers, just on a larger scale.

“At McElroy, we believe the best productivity boosts on a polyethylene jobsite come from jobsite set-up and the tools that can be used in that environment,” said Chip McElroy, president and chief executive officer of McElroy Manufacturing Inc. “We believe the MegaMc Rollers can help large-diameter jobsites transport fused lengths of pipe in a more efficient manner while minimizing possible damage to the pipe.”

The MegaMc Rollers can be paired with other McElroy productivity equipment to boost efficiency on jobsites. McElroy engineers envisioned the rollers being used with the MegaMc® PolyHorse®, a pipe-handling system for large pipes, and MegaMc® Pipe Stands, powered pipe stands that offer maneuverability and flexibility.

The MegaMc Rollers and other McElroy productivity tools are available through McElroy’s worldwide distributor network. For more information or to find a distributor, visit