McElroy Optimized Cooling™ Elevates Productivity and Profitability

Your search for efficiency, competitive advantage and elevated productivity on your jobsite never ends. But what if you could achieve your HDPE pipe fusion specifications in reduced time, without sacrificing quality? McElroy Optimized Cooling empowers you to do just that, offering users a platform that saves you significant time by cutting down the cool time of fusion joints.

Real-time Insights to Drive Accelerated Cooling

In the fusion process, waiting for each joint to meet the times outlined in ASTM standards drives down productivity. By reducing that time, you get valuable minutes back that can be spent making your operation more efficient.

McElroy Optimized Cooling leverages a proprietary algorithm that uses our DataLogger® 6 and 7 ruggedized tablets and records each step of the fusion process to validate that HDPE pipes were fused to standard before being put into service.

That algorithm was developed after extensive testing alongside the University of Tulsa and in-depth analysis of thousands of data points, giving you confidence that your joints will cool in less time, yet still conform to the standards set forth by ASTM. Operators can  confidently handle the pipe and be assured of the strength of the joint, allowing them to move more quickly to the next joint.

The DataLogger 7, which features more than 14 hours of battery life and SIM communication capability, calculates the most appropriate cool times in real-time based on material properties, environmental conditions and heat soak time.

This patent-pending formula results in up to a 55% reduction in cooling time and up to a 39% reduction in the overall time it takes to complete a joint, allowing your team to get more work done in the same amount of time.

McElroy Optimized Cooling – Your Competitive Advantage

Because McElroy Optimized Cooling meets ASTM F2620 standards, you have peace of mind regarding the quality of your joints.

This gives you a competitive advantage when bidding jobs – if you can offer a way to significantly reduce project time without any detriment to the end result’s quality and integrity, that’s always an attractive option.

Think of it this way. For a 10-mile project at an average temperature of 90 degrees Fahrenheit, 1,056 50-foot sticks of pipe would be required. With an ambient temperature of 90 degrees, using McElroy Optimized Cooling would save more than 300 hours.

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