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Welcome back to the McElroy Service Center! We use this regular publication to announce new maintenance and repair-related information, such as technical bulletins, training opportunities, software updates, repair kits, and tech tips.

Check back regularly for the most up-to-date information to help you provide better service and support to your McElroy equipment.

NEW Technical Bulletins

  • TB 194 26/180 Cast element wiring change

This bulletin was rolled out in December 2023 as a voluntary recall affecting 26/180 cast element heater assemblies manufactured through Nov. 27, 2023. The recall calls for a proactive upgrade to the heater element wiring to prevent premature field failures.

If you believe you have an affected product, please reach out to a McElroy distributor for service or contact McElroy technical support for assistance at 918-831-9224 or [email protected].

  • TB 195 SAE J609 Taper shaft generator drive runout and alignment inspection

This bulletin serves as a guide for checking both runout and concentricity of the tapered shaft used to mount and drive the generator on TracStar® 412 and 618 models with Kubota engines. It should be used to verify alignment when removing and replacing the direct drive generator assembly. Excessive shaft runout and misalignment between the mounting components and shaft can cause premature generator failure.

The instructions in this bulletin should be referenced any time a generator has failed prior to installation of a new generator. Following the instructions will help identify alignment or runout issues and prevent follow-up failure of the new generator. Contact your McElroy distributor or McElroy tech support if additional assistance is required.

To view Technical Bulletins, visit and click on “Technical Bulletins” near the top-right of the page.

Updated Technical Bulletins

  • TB 084 Troubleshooting guide for single phase GFCIs

Originally released in 2012, this TB has helped mechanics troubleshoot GFCIs for more than a decade. Recent changes to the sensing module and wiring created the need for updated technical data, including schematics and LED error codes, as well as some general corrections and clarifications. Check out the new version of the bulletin if you are working with the following equipment:

  • TracStar® 250
    • TracStar® 28
    • TracStar® 412
    • TracStar® 618
    • TracStar® 500 Series II and III
    • Rolling® 412
    • Rolling® 618

To view Technical Bulletins, visit and click on “Technical Bulletins” near the top-right of the page.

DataLogger® Repair Incident and Quoting Process Change

As of Jan. 22, 2024, McElroy no longer quotes non-warranty DataLogger repairs.

Upon submission of a repair incident, a pre-authorization of no more than $1,500 will be acknowledged. A field will be added to the existing submission form to enter a Purchase Order if required.

This change means you will be charged the actual cost of repairs, but will not pay for repairs exceeding $1,500. If a full replacement is required, you will be contacted to make a replacement decision at that time.

Additionally, the incident request form for DataLoggers will be changed to add a field for a tablet and transducer serial number. These changes are being made as part of an effort to streamline our repair service and improve turnaround times.

 Component or Spare Part Incident Labor Request Form

As of Jan. 22, 2024, a warranty labor and travel reimbursement request form has been added to the incident submission form. For your convenience, the link to download the file has been placed directly on the document upload page. This form must be submitted with the incident request to claim any labor or travel reimbursement with your warranty approval.

Find a McElroy service center near you by using the distributor locator at or contact McElroy technical support for assistance with any of your service-related needs. Technical support may be reached at 918-831-9224 or [email protected].