McElroy University Offers New Productivity Course

TULSA, Okla. — McElroy University, the training division of McElroy, recently announced the addition of a productivity-focused class to the 2010 class schedule. The inaugural class will take place May 17, 2010. Registration is currently open for the class.

For more than 30 years, McElroy has been the only pipe fusion machine manufacturer to continuously offer advanced training to enhance fusion technicians’ efficiency, productivity and safety in the proper use of machines and standards. McElroy University currently offers 23 classes per year at McElroy’s technical center in Tulsa, Okla. McElroy University also conducts training in the field at various locations throughout the world.

The classes cover topics from operation, troubleshooting and rebuilding fusion machines, ranging from small to large diameter pipes and fusion machines. With the addition of the new Fusion Productivity and Project Management class, McElroy University will offer a total of 10 different courses to the public. Classes usually occur over the course of a few days.

The new Fusion Productivity and Project Management course covers planning fusion projects. Topics include what equipment would work best in certain situations, setting up job sites for optimal productivity and integrating productivity-enhancing tools into a job site plan. As with all McElroy University classes, the majority of the training is hands on, with a small portion occurring in the classroom.

“This new productivity class was created in response to many of our end users, who are seeking to do more with less,” said Larry Gordon, manager of training at McElroy. “If we can teach more fusion technicians the best way to set up their job site, and work efficiently within that job site, it’s going to be much better for pipe fusion. The process is already fast, and with our techniques, contractors can definitely meet and beat more deadlines.”

The class parallels McElroy’s growing productivity tool line. The line of products, which includes the PolyHorse, PolyPorter, MegaMc Pipe Stands and much more, continues to grow each year. The company usually designs and builds productivity tools out of demand from customers’ needs.