McElroy University offers two new continuing education courses

As part of the growing library of McElroy University online training modules, these courses are another valuable resource for learning how to take full advantage of the DataLogger® and Vault™ for you and your customers.

CP9001 – DataLogger® Account and Data Management is a 10-minute course that covers McElroy’s Vault™. The Vault is a powerful tool for storing, managing, and analyzing data collected from a jobsite.

This course covers the how to and best practices for organizing Vault accounts, sub-accounts, and data sharing between operators, pipeline owners, inspectors, etc.

CP9002 – DataLogger® Initial Set Up is another 10-minute course. This quick class walks students step-by-step through account, equipment, and user set up, software options, and more.

By familiarizing themselves with the various features and functions, DataLogger users can improve efficiency and ensure accurate data is collected.

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