McElroyIntroduces New TracStar 618 Fusion Machine

McElroy Manufacturing, Inc. (MMI) has recently completed rigorous infield testing on the new TracStar No.618 fusion machine and are ready to unleash it on the ever-expanding world of large diameter polyethylene pipe. The new TracStar enters the market on the heals of the highly successful campaign of the TracStar No.28 and TracStar No.412.

In 1997 MMI unveiled the world’s first self-contained, self-propelled, all-terrain hydraulic fusion machine — the TracStar 500. The TracStar 900 followed and the two literally revolutionized the industry. The mobility of the track system, removable jaw assembly and elimination of a third party generator are features our customers loved.

After the success of the two larger machines, MMI implemented the improvements to the Gold Standard in the fusion industry, the No.28 and No. 412 fusion machines. MMI had no idea the redesign would spark a record setting year for fusion sales.

The TracStar No.618 shares several field proven components with other TracStars including diesel power from the TracStar No.412, and duel hydraulic pipe lifts from the TracStar 500. These features, along with the track system have been adapted to the original No.618 to complement the TracStar family. The robust, extra-wide track system handles heavy pipe up to 18″ in diameter. One of the major improvements for the new machine is the hydraulic pipe lifts. These heavy duty lifts with deep-vee rollers enable the operator to jockey the machine into position under the pipe, lining the ends up making fusion easier and faster. They also aid in pulling pipe through the machine.

“As the application of polyethylene increases in the water market, the natural progression will be the need for a fusion machine that increases productivity in larger diameter pipe,” said MMI Product Manager Chris Greggs. “It’s a logical step to upgrade the original No. 618 with the features that have proven to increase production for our customers.”