Spanish Language Website Eliminates Barriers For U.S Fusion Equipment Producer

McElroy Manufacturing, Inc. today announced the introduction of a new Spanish langauge Website to better serve its Spanish-speaking customers. The website is designed exactly like McElroy’s fusion website but the text has been translated into Spanish. A panel of translators reviewed the translations checking for facts as well as context to insure accuracy.

“I am committed to helping McElroy remain a leading supplier of fusion equipment in Latin America, as well as the Caribbean Islands,” said McElroy International Sales Manager, Rafael Quintero. Quintero is the key element of McElroy’s aggressive thrust to better serve Latin America and the Caribbean. “The new website is a tool that will greatly benefit the thousands of Spanish speaking contractors and pipeline owners in Latin America.”

Prior to the Spanish website, many companies had to rely on third party advice about fusion equipment. Now anyone can go online and research all McElroy fusion equipment to determine which machine will suit their needs and what supporting tools are available.