Spec sheets available for new Acrobat™ featuring the QuikFit® carriage

McElroy’s Acrobat machines featuring the QuikFit carriage have a revolutionary jaw design that allows operators to fuse polypropylene pipe from 355mm to 630mm (14″ to 24″) in close-quarter, indoor working environments. The carriage is composed of lightweight, modular components so that the upper and lower jaws can be assembled around the pipe by hand, eliminating the difficulty of lifting and fitting an entire carriage into a small space. It will fuse pipe in any orientation that is required on plumbing, mechanical and HVAC installations, including vertical and overhead. The unique design of the heater, facer and jaws has significantly reduced weight and power requirements. Please download these spec sheets for more information on the features and benefits of this new machine — now available in three size packages. Contact your nearest distributor for more information.