The McElroy SmartFab™ 125 – Your questions answered

1. What do I get when I purchase a SmartFab 125?

  • The fusion machine 
  • 20-125mm heater adapters (20mm, 25mm, 32mm, 40mm, 50mm, 63mm, 75mm, 90mm, 110mm, and 125mm) and tool to change them 
  • Four different sets of inserts (17mm to 170mm) 
  • Insert tabs (shipped separately)
  • Operator’s manual
  • Adapter storage box
  • Shipping container

2. What are the power requirements for the SmartFab 125?

The SmartFab 125 runs on 120V at around 14.5A, so it can be run from a wall outlet. There is also a 240V model.

3. Does the SmartFab 125 heater need to be turned off between fusions?

As with all of our heaters, they are designed to be plugged in and cycling between fusions, so there is no need to unplug it.

4. Can I fuse polyethelene pipe and fittings on the SmartFab 125?

As the SmartFab 125 is designed now, the heater adapter sizes and how they are attached to the heater are for polypropylene pipe. We are open to new ideas, so if you would like to see a SmartFab machine for polyethylene, reach out to us.

5. If I have a Spider™ 125 or a Polygon™ with Spider jaws, why would I need a SmartFab™ 125?

While both the Spider™ 125 and the Polygon™ with Spider jaws can help you with socket, butt and miter fusions, the SmartFab 125 can boost productivity extensively as a benchtop machine. If you are doing constant prefabrication or production work, the SmartFab 125 would be a great addition. It is the most complete prefabrication and production tool on the market.
The SmartFab 125 is the ideal tool for large assemblies that are prefabricated either in the shop or on the job site. The Polygon provides tremendous flexibility since it can be used for socket, butt and miter fusions while the Spider 125 is versatile tool socket fusion, especially in challenging situations like making a connection in the air or in tight spaces.

If I purchased a SmartFab 125, what other complementary tools and machines do I need?

To amplify your pre-fab jobs, a Spider 125, along with the appropriate heater, would be a great addition to the SmartFab 125, as its compact design is ideal for tie-ins or fusions in tight areas. If you will be fusing outlets along with your SmartFab fusions, the Hornet™ or Hornet™ XL would be a great addition. Pipe supports, a pyrometer and pipe-cutting tools would rout out an ideal jobsite.