Creative Setup for the McElroy PolyHorse®

This picture, shared by Jonathan Lachapelle of Irrigation Plus Inc. in Quebec, demonstrates a creative setup for the productivity enhancing PolyHorse. McElroy first introduced the PolyHorse in 2007 to improve productivity and give job sites an answer to the problem of where to store the pipe before it is fused. Jonathan answered the productivity question in a different way! Why not put rollers on either end of the PolyHorse and feed 2 fusion machines at once? Brilliant! This particular job was on an onion farm in Quebec.

Serge Lachapelle, who founded Irrigation Plus Inc. in 1988 installs PE pipe, mostly for irrigation of golf courses with the occasional agricultural project. This family company with Serge, son Jonathan and nephew Philippe Dubeau, had a last minute request from an Onion farm that wanted to improve their irrigation system. Jonathan laid 1200’ of 10” IPS DR17 and tied it into an existing buried 10” line so that the customer could have the choice of pumping water from a second small pond on the property.

“The way that I’ve setup my PolyHorse enabled us to knock out the job in a day. Using the TracStar® 412 and the TracStar 500, with 2 operators, we didn’t have to jump over the pipe,” said Jonathan. “Once the 1200’ was done, we fused a tee on one of the 600’ sticks and carefully spliced it in place with an electrofusion coupling sleave. After that, the 500 made small work of tying the 600’ lines together. Yep, it was all in a day’s work”
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