Mark you spot for fusion training at McElroy University

Classes are quickly filling up at McElroy University this fall so this is the perfect time to get your fusion training from the industry leader in thermoplastic pipe fusion before the year ends! We have courses in Small-, Medium- and Large-Diameter Troubleshooting, Small-, Medium- and Large-Diameter Operator Qualification and Fusion Inspector.

The Small- and Medium-Diameter Operator Qualification courses are only two days long. The lecture portion of the class is now taken online prior to training and testing at McElroy University, which gives students more hands-on time in the shop with McElroy machines. Once students register for a class, they are given access to the three online modules:

  • Introduction to McElroy Resources
  • Jobsite Safety & Setup
  • Introduction to PE Pipe & Pipe Fusion

Please review the course schedule below and click on the links to register online today. See you this fall at McElroy University!